Why being wrong is good for you!

The observant folk out there who don't scroll past the emails I send out (it's okay if you do!) will have noticed that I sent an email out last night about a retreat here in the UK this March with the title 'Spain 2017 retreat'. DOH! 

I didn't notice, but a friend quickly messaged me back telling me it was incorrect.


"Oh no the email has gone out to lots of people and it is incorrect"

"What will they think of me?"

"They will think I am dumb"

Blah blah blah. You can guess the rest!

Catch 'auto-pilot' as soon as possible.

Autopilot is when we are in a trance like state, not in the present moment and caught up in thinking. In 2010 there was a study that showed that humans are on auto-pilot for 47% of the time. I personally think it's much more for most people these days.

When we are in auto pilot it is very easy to disappear into story telling mode, thinking bad things about ourselves and creating a whole heap of unnecessary stress and tension. We are more likely to catastrophize and create a lot of extra suffering.

But what good would that have done?

Back to me. I caught myself quickly. Phew! I didn't need to go into suffering.

Suffering explained.

In mindfulness we learn about two types of suffering: Primary suffering - this is the reality.  It is what has really happened e.g. the email went out, it was incorrect.

Secondary suffering - the stories we create in our minds e.g you're not good enough (that old favourite!)

Thank goodness for mindfulness.

We learn and practice this in mindfulness. When we have this awareness we can catch-ap-asap. We don't disappear into story telling. What a gift!

It is okay to get things wrong!

It really is.  It is fine, it is acceptable and it is part of life.

Add in extra support.

Once we have caught ourselves and stopped auto pilot we come back to reality, back to the moment we are actually in....where nothing is wrong. Add in some self care, self love, deep belly breathing and present moment awareness and we relax.

Something I also like to do is to place my hand on my heart and offer myself some love.

Oh and by the way.......

Anyone who has met me will pretty quickly come to realise that technology and me are not the best of friends!  I am a people person.  My life path is to bring people together in connection.  It isn't to type things out on a computer!

I love to write.....but from my heart.  Emails with info on retreats, classes etc are a needs/ must for me.  Otherwise how would people know about my work, right?! But my favourite thing to do is to be out and about deep in the work I bring to the world.  That is why I am here.

Wishing you a beautiful day.


Tanya x

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