Mentor ~ Alchemist ~ Group Facilitator



"All are welcome. Come take a seat in the circle and feel the  gentle warmth of the fire. Turn inwards to awaken, one heart at a time. Together we gather. Together we rise"

Hello! I'm Tanya. You are so welcome here.

For over three decades, I've woven compassion into every interaction, whether guiding individuals, holding space, or nurturing group dynamics. My toolkit spans Bodywork, Trauma-informed Yoga, Mindfulness, and Group Facilitation—weaving teaching with practice for deep self-discovery, collective exploration, and transformative conversations.

I believe in the power of creating spaces where we can all breathe, slow down, and connect — both with ourselves and with each other. Whether we’re gathering in one-on-one sessions or in group settings, these spaces are crafted with care, integrating both ancient traditions and modern practices. They’re designed to be sanctuaries for personal growth and collective awakening.

Join me in the journey of honesty, transformation, and collective awakening.

Together, let's co-create a world where every heartbeat resonates with boundless possibility.
In doing this, we awaken our hearts – removing anything that is a barrier to love.

It is time for us to get honest with ourselves and shed the old ways, for they are no longer serving us as individuals and as a collective. One by one, breath by breath, we can create a new world.

You can find out more about working with me within my offerings.

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