In the sacred circle, hearts unite as flames of acceptance and compassion ignite. Within its warmth, we find solace and strength, awakening our true selves. United we gather, united we rise, as one heart at a time, we transform the world."


"All are welcome. Come take a seat in the circle and feel the  gentle warmth of the fire. Turn inwards to awaken, one heart at a time. Together we gather. Together we rise"

Hi, I’m Tanya (she/her).

You are so welcome here. 

I have inspired and empowered many people through my work a Mentor, Circle Facilitator, Unity Advocate and Intuitive Healer. Whether it is with an individual, a Space Holder or within a group gathering, compassion is at the heart of all I do. 

I bring my gifts of Yoga and Mindfulness as both a teacher and practitioner to embody self and group enquiry, deep rest, courageous conversations and love into brave spaces that create change. 

I hold space for dismantling social injustice through the lens of mindful awareness. I particularly focus on issues related to racial equity as this is both my lived experience as a woman of colour and a learned experience existing in a society that exists with dominant cultures. 

I also hold spaces for people of mixed race/ dual heritage to come and explore their racial identity and celebrate their 'bothness' through intentional gatherings that support both healing and wellness.

You can find out more about working with me within my offerings.

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