Supporting you to live to your full potential.


My name is Tanya and I have inspired and empowered many people through my work as a Transformational Mentor, Rest Facilitator and Healer. I believe that every single one of us has innate gifts to share with the world. It is my mission to support people awaken to their own power, through rest and reclamation and then share it with the world in a way that is both authentic and sustainable.

My speciality is supporting people to create, embody and live in an aligned life of truth, passion and purpose.  

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16th to 18th December at Florence House, Sussex

A deeply restorative weekend retreat that will rebalance your nervous system and leave you feeling feeling rested, restored and reinvigorated.  

Choose to live totally. To celebrate this precious gift of life. To make love to existence. To dance on this earth. This is our nature. Anything going against that is going against nature itself”. Tanya