Tanya Forgan





You are so welcome here. 

I have inspired and empowered many people through my work as a Mentor, Rest Facilitator, Inclusion Consultant and healer. 

I work with individuals, Space Holders and organisations to learn and unlearn about inclusion and how it can impact sacred spaces. I particularly focus on issues related to racism as this is both my lived and learned experience.

I bring my gifts of yoga therapy, embodied movement and mindfulness to hold brave spaces that create change. My work focuses on healing from individual and collective trauma, through heart-centred practices and come back into alignment and the truth of who we are. 

You can find out more about working with me within my offerings. 

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16th to 18th December.

We return once more for the fabulous restorative weekend retreat at Florence House 'the place where extraordinary things happen'.

Goodbye bright lights, loud music and consumerism and hello to following the natural call to travel inwards to welcome candlelight, warmth and a nurturing space of rest.

Hello also to welcoming the hibernation that is so necessary for our weary bones and tired minds at this time of the year.

Nourishing Yoga Nidra, gentle embodied movement, restful breathwork, circle gatherings, fireside connections, delicious soul food and much more.

This retreat is a breath softening, shoulder dropping, jaw relaxing, heart warming, smile inducing weekend. 

See details in offerings x

?Choose to live totally. To celebrate this precious gift of life. To make love to existence. To dance on this earth. This is our nature. Anything going against that is going against nature itself?. Tanya