5th june 2024

Grief & Gratitude Ritual

Coming together as the village

Grief in our society has often been minimised to losing a loved one, but it can be any kind of loss. We can feel grief at the state of the world, the loss of our wildlife and natural habitats, separation and the loss of our cultures and community. Closer to home, the loss of our youth, of physical health, of dreams we once held. We can grieve for all that we needed and deserved in our lives, but did not receive, and everything in between.

Grief, despair and sorrow, are all emotions that easily become buried or suppressed in Western culture. They are left out in the cold, often unwelcome, because they are seen as negative or dark. In truth, they are completely natural responses to our love and humanity, and there is no need to fear them.

Too often, we deal with grief and loss behind closed doors, trying to process in isolation, not wanting to be a burden or feeling too vulnerable to be seen. Not allowing grief to process in a healthy way can leave us stuck in patterns of our shadow - remaining attached, depressed, numb and addicted to coping mechanisms.

This dampens our inner light, closes off our hearts and holds us back from purpose and joy. This ripples out into all areas of our lives.

There is a healthy way to process grief. Our Indigenous friends and wise ones have known this for years.

We come together in community .

We share in the incredible strength and the power that a shared space can offer. We become the village our hearts have longed for, knowing that this takes courage and is absolutely necessary for us to thrive in life. 

Circle Facilitator, Yoga and Mindfulness Mentor Tanya Forgan and Musician, Healing Sound Artist and Facilitator Catherine Holt warmly invite you to join us as we come together for an evening of Grief and Gratitude Ritual, embracing the wisdom of communal healing. We have co-created this with care and compassion, to honour one of the most natural of emotions with care the love it so requires.

What to expect:

Guided Meditation: As we gather in a shared space, our journey commences with a guided meditation to offer solace to the sorrows that may weigh us down, and create an open space for the seeds of gratitude to take root.

Guided practices: We will offer you various gently practices to invite you into self reflection, expression and give clarity to your feelings and perspective to your thoughts

Gratitude Circle: We complete our ritual with a sharing circle of gratitude.


You are welcome and free to bring whatever is alive in you on the evening. There will be no pressure to 'go' anywhere or 'do' anything.

This is a call for us to come together, to share our humanity and redefine our relationship with the world's joys and sorrows. May we collectively normalise the healthy expression of grief, sorrow, despair and change the stories of this for our coming generations. May we welcome all that we are, our full expression of humanity so that we can live full and joyous lives.

We look forward to welcoming you,

Tanya & Catherine x

Join us

Date: Wed, 5th June 2024
Time: 19:30 - 21:30 GMT
Location: Sarvanga Yoga Studio, 20 Holme Grange Craft Village, Wokingham, RG40 3AW
Price: £30. Advance booking required using the form below.