Tanya Forgan - My Journey

I'm Tanya. I am a woman and a mother. 

I am a Community-Gatherer, Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Holistic Therapist and  Wisdom Seeker.  I blend these skills and gather people in the UK and Spain to share, move, co-create, explore and build connection and community.

teach classes in yoga, meditation and self discovery, creating safe and compassionate space to explore.  

I facilitate groups and communities, bringing them together in circles for sincere conversations through mindfulness and meditation, helping them reach deeper levels of understanding and trust.

coach individuals through mind based exploration and physical awareness, helping to guide towards a deeper understanding of living a healthy and authentic life.  

host retreats in the UK and Spain both on my own and in collaboration with other inspirational teachers and guides.  These offer a space to slow down and step away from busy day to day life schedules and tune into life in a different way.   

I run an amazing annual event in a huge beautiful barn in Berkshire at the start of each year called the 'New Year Collective'.  It is a collaboration of all the inspirational teachers, movers and motivators I meet along my path. 

Throughout my career I have specialised in creativity, community and transition.  

For the last 25 years I have studied in depth the body, mind and spirit connection.  I weave these learning throughout my individual coaching, classes and group work.  Prior to this I worked in Corporate Telecoms as a Business Executive. 

I have coached  a diversity of clients.  Lawyers, Artists, Doctors, Executive Directors, Teachers, Engineers, Care Workers who were looking for clarity and how to show up to life in a more meaningful way. 

I have organised and held large events (check out www.newyearcollective.com) and various retreats in Spain.

My skillset includes:

  • Hatha based Yoga practice YHA 200 hrs, 20 years of practice, 6 years of teaching weekly classes. 
  • Mindfulness Training - 8 week course Facilitator.  Daily self practice.
  • Group circle gathering - week teaching Aromatherapy - ITEC.
  • Reflexology - ITEC.
  • Nutrition and Health - The Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene.
  • Bodywork - acupressure, massage, intuitive work. ITEC, Various other schools of training.  
  • Breathwork - Individual and corporate workshops - Tranformational Breath, Ben Wolff Training.
  • Reiki - Levels 1 & 2.
  • Deep intuition.

My greatest teacher yet is LIFE! I hold many certificates of training, but my depth of learning comes from the many people I have sat in circle with, treated on my couch, held space for, and coached.  There is no certificate for life experience.  

It is both a privilege and a gift to be able share what I have learnt with others and I continue to learn from my personal practice  and from all those I meet along the way.  My wish is that my teachings will ignite that spark in you that keeps you motivated to take good care of yourself and to become truly happy with your authentic self.

Please feel free to join my facebook group to be kept up to date with classes, workshops and special offers.  And of course I’d love to hear from you.