You are so welcome here. 

I am first and foremost a steward of this earth. 

I am also a Mentor (through the path of Yoga Nidrā and Mindfulness) and Social Justice Advocate. I weave these gifts and skills to bring a unique blend of knowledge, wisdom and care through all of my work. I am highly intuitive and trauma informed. 

I create and hold spaces for people to work one to one or come together and discover their own personal path of change, awakening and transformation. Weaving together ancient and modern day practices, these spaces are both healing to the individual and the collective. 

It is my vision that this sharing naturally brings us closer together as a society. When we bravely look towards that which separates us both within and externally, we can authentically create a community when every person feels a sense of belonging. 

I believe that true and authentic transformation requires steadiness and consistency. Steadiness requires awareness. Consistency requires commitment. For this reason the 'sacred pause' is placed in the centre of my offerings. We do not rush. This supports us for the sustainable and authentic change that this world so needs right now. 

As a woman of colour (one black parent, one white) some of my work looks through the lens of racism and how, through heart-centred mindfulness we can pave a path of deep belonging for all. 

I have inspired and supported thousands of people to make profound shifts in their lives my work through my work. It is both a privilege and a gift to be able share this with others.

If you hear the call change and transformation and know that your wellness is intrinsically intwined to those around you then please get in touch. 

Tanya x

I am blessed and am grateful to have been trained and mentored by many exemplary teachers over the years. I have studied with and give deep gratitude to many pioneers in the field of wellness; Resmaa Menakem, Dr Amanda Kemp, Gabor Mate, Joanna Macy, Bessel van Der Kolk, Peter Levine, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Rex Brangwyn, and many more. While I hold many certificates of training, the true depth of my learning comes from my own journey of healing and awakening, daily practice and connection to Mother Earth.