Embodied Inclusion

Embodied Inclusion: Holding Space with Love and Liberation.

Calling all mentors, facilitators, circle holders, therapists, and leaders who are passionate about creating more diverse and inclusive spaces.

Do you feel a sense of care for the spaces you create and hold, as well as social justice, but find yourself apprehensive about ‘getting it wrong’? Have you read all the books and yet still don't quite 'get' what to do? Would you like to feel more courageous in creating spaces that are braver and more inclusive for people?

Then this is for you. Welcome to Embodied Inclusion

As a space holder, you may have acknowledged language like power and privilege, intersectionality, oppression, anti-racism, and social justice, and wondered how these affect you and the spaces you hold for others in a real, tangible way.

Led by Tanya, this course emphasises the importance of aligning spiritual practices with a commitment to inclusivity and social awareness. Together we will:

Examine and reflect: Explore how power and privilege manifest in our world and within the spaces you create and hold.

Unearth assumptions: Shine a light on the assumptions you may unconsciously make when creating spaces, both on an individual and collective level. This introspection is a crucial step toward building more inclusive environments.

Learn about Intent vs. Harm: Understand the distinction between intent and harm. This will enable you to navigate and repair complex interactions with greater sensitivity.

Explore your alignment: Navigate the intricacies of spirituality and ensure that your spiritual practices align with your commitment to inclusivity and social awareness.

Commit to healthy allyship: Learn how your allyship is love in action for a more just and caring society.


Engage in:

Courageous Conversations: Open and honest dialogue to deepen understanding and lovingly challenge existing perspectives.

Pair/Triad Workgroups: Collaborate with others to bring to the surface the judgments we hold and develop practical strategies for more inclusive space creation.

Reflective Journaling: Engage in personal reflection and introspection to deepen the learning journey.

Guided Meditation: Cultivate mindfulness and empathy as we navigate complex societal issues together.

Deep Rest: We will rest together to effectively integrate the workshop's teachings.

This is a transformative journey of learning and unlearning. Together, we can grow and strengthen our communities.

I work with mindfulness and embodied practices as we explore and illuminate the conditioning we hold within both our bodies and minds as Space Holders. Together we unpack old beliefs, harmful tendencies and collectively create new ways of being in the world, offering a deeper sense of equity and belonging for all.

This is work from the ground up and is held with care and compassion. It is deep work, not a short and simple 'tick box' exercise. Consider it a practice of awakening.

I strongly believe that this work should be taken in a slow and steady manner so that we can hear each other and stay in connection. This will also resource us.

Talking does change cultures, embodying change does. 

I do not have an 'out of the box' offering; each is bespoke for you and your needs.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.