I am inspired by the power of feminine embodied yoga and meditation to transform lives – and I love sharing this potential so other women may benefit. A daily practice is my foundation for wisdom, awareness and navigation of my journey of life. 

I have spent over 20 years learning how the mind and physical body works, how we relate to the stories we tell ourselves and how we create our own reality.  I use these learnings to understand how we can find that endless source of happiness. I believe that every person has the capability to find a happy and peaceful place within.

Through a one to one journey together in exploration my role is to help you identify your blind spots, recognise patterns where you may be stuck or remove limiting beliefs that are holding you back - with this awareness we work together to a place of empowerment, a healthy and joyful mindset so you can continue life with greater ease and grace.  From this place we reconnect with the heart and a place of ease within.

I will share with you my wisdom of how to honour yourself fully, through awareness of your inner cycles and those of the natural world too. Mother Earth is truly our greatest teacher when we become quiet enough to hear her. 

To support my own daily practice, I attend regular retreats, training courses and seminars.   Each and every day I seek out new information to keep my skill set up to date. 

In love and service 

Tanya x