I envision a world where we prioritise slowing down and genuinely listening to one another with love. It's a world where we embrace and celebrate our diversity, welcoming the wholeness of each individual. In this world, we are encouraged to connect with our deepest calling and follow it wholeheartedly, contributing to a future filled with freedom, sustainability, and love for all beings on Earth.

Personally, I find inspiration in the transformative power of embodied yoga and meditation. I am passionate about sharing the potential of these practices with others, so that they too may benefit. A daily practice forms the foundation of my own journey, allowing me to cultivate awareness, wisdom, and navigate life with purpose.

Over the course of nearly three decades, I have dedicated myself to exploring the workings of the mind and body, examining how we relate to the narratives we construct for ourselves, and understanding how we shape our own reality. Drawing from these learnings, I seek to help others tap into an infinite source of joy and ease. I firmly believe that every person possesses the capacity to discover a purposeful and peaceful space within themselves.

Through personalised one-on-one journeys of exploration, my role is to assist you in identifying blind spots, whether they pertain to diversity and inclusion or other areas of life. Together, we recognise patterns where you may be stuck or remove limiting beliefs that are holding you back - with this awareness we work together to a place of empowerment, a healthy and joyful mindset so you can continue life with greater ease and grace. 

During our mentoring sessions, I may incorporate practices such as Yoga Nidra, intuitive writing, breathwork, deep transformational coaching, and compassionate inquiry. The synergy of these tools promotes self-expansion and a sense of wholeness across all aspects of your life.

I will share with you my wisdom of how to honour yourself fully, through awareness of your inner cycles and those of the natural world too. When we become still enough to listen, Mother Earth becomes our greatest teacher.

To support my own daily practice, I regularly attend retreats, engage in training courses, and participate in seminars. Every day, I actively seek out new information to keep my skill set up to date.

With love and in service,

Tanya. x