A good nights sleep and a refreshing start to the day

Do you often feel like you haven’t quite had a good sleep?  Do you set the alarm with the best of intentions, knowing that’s the time you need to get up to meet the day’s demands but then the clock goes off before you’re ready to rise – you’re not alone.

The key lies inside your body. “An important factor in being able to wake up easily at the desired time in the morning is the timing of one’s ‘body clock’. Much of what you need to do to wake up on time starts by planning your sleep schedule the day and the evening before – and by making your mornings count.

Tips for getting a good nights sleep:

  1. Create a relaxing bedtime ritual that serves you well….you may need to ‘tweak’ over time. A soak in a warm bath with your favourite scents, massage in some cream or oil.
  2. Turn off any electrical items at least 1 hour before bed (iPhones, TV etc).
  3. Pop on some nice relaxing music is ideal.  I’m currently listening to ‘True North’ by Sonesence…..total bliss
  4. Your bedroom should be a relaxing space free of clutter and a nice comfortable temperature – cool, but not cold.

Prepare your room with your favourite sleep scent.  I’m currently using clary sage as it puts me in a beautiful deep slumber, fully relaxed.  You can pop the oil in the fabulous Lumi Bodyclock.  The Lumi has a sunset light which send your into a night of good rest (this increases the body’s melatonin which signals sleep).

After a greats night sleep how can you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the world?

  1. The Lumi Bodyclock wakes you in a kind and natural manner – with it’s dawn sunrise simulator.I like to wake up to citrus scents – lemon or orange are currently my favourite.  If I’ve had a late night and need an extra nudge to get out of bed I add a drop of Rosemary – you can pop these all in the Lumi and set the scent to fill your room at a set time before you rise (30,60, 90 minutes).
  2. Drink a glass of water to rehydrate your body.  Add in a slice of lemon and it’s even better!
  3. Streeeeeettttch.  Take ten minutes to wake up all your limbs which in turn will stimulate your brain.Pop on a song that makes you smile.
  4. He’s my morning happy song right now: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qUCkkpYcn_g
  5. Take a moment to reflect on what you feel grateful for.  Focus on the simple things that could easily be taken for granted – food, water, air, friends, family…..an ‘attitude of gratitude’.

I hope that has given you some new ideas. Remember anything can become a habit if we repeat it often enough.  So if you’ve got into some bad habits that have been affecting your wellness know that change is always available.

I have mentioned the fabulous Lumi Bodyclock machine.  This is absolutely awesome! It’s so super fabulous that I have dedicated a page to it on my website and have a special offer if you purchase one before the end of September.

You can order yourself a Lumi Bodyclock directly with me.  You can place your request via the website or email me direct and I will deliver it to you locally (within 10 mile radius) and you can enjoy it without paying for postage.

With love
Tanya Growing heart

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