There is a common misconception that yoga is only for people with highly flexible bodies in leotards, yet nothing could be further from the truth - yoga is for EVERYONE!  Regardless of your age, size, fitness level, flexibility and state of mind, yoga will help to bring your body and mind in to balance.

Whilst the physical side of yoga works all of the major body functions: muscular, skeletal, lymphatic, respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems, there is also an huge emphasis on mindfulness, stress reduction and relaxation.

My mission is to give you an opportunity to look within, refocus, and regain a sometimes lost sense of perspective, whilst having fun in a supportive environment.  When you take responsibility for your own wellbeing through regular practise, you will be amazed how wonderful you can feel.

What to wear

You need to feel comfortable for the class. Tracksuit trousers or leggings and a t-shirt will be fine. For the final relaxation at the end of the class you'll want to be warm so bring along some socks and a jumper.  No shoes are necessary.

What to bring

A nice warm blanket and a bottle of water.  An open mind!

Yoga mat

If you have your own yoga mat please bring it.  I will have spares at each class.


It's best not to eat much before the class. If you need to snack to avoid your stomach growling, a piece of fruit or something light would be best.