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A journey of self love

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In this six week course, you can learn to love yourself not as the flawed self you’ve been told or come to believe you are… self love and the understanding that you are enough… exactly as you are.

Course date: Wednesdays from 4th of October 2017

Venue: Lisa Hill’s Studio, Finchampstead Road, Wokingham.

Time – 1-3pm


Sold Out


You came in this world to be loved to live in joy and feel great in your skin.  Along your journey you took on as truth negative, limiting messages about yourself.  It is easy to fall out of love with yourself, sometimes a bit, sometimes completely.

Self-criticism, judgment, fear, shame and worry can become well-known companions.  The pervasive feeling of ‘not good enough’ can affect your wellbeing, physical body and mental health.  It can impact relationships with your close ones, colouring your everyday experience.

When we bring self-compassion and acceptance something relaxes in us, we feel good on the inside.  We embrace every aspect of ourselves, recognising our imperfections as part of our common humanity.  Our inner contractions begin to thaw, a sense of nourishing ease enters our lives.

To love ourselves in all that we are is the path to a truly content wholesome life.  Loving ourselves won’t come from another purchase, a new haircut or having your nails done.  The self-love we long for comes from deep within.  It’s the warm soothing embrace of ourselves grounded in deep knowing we are good enough – that we always have been and always will be, no matter the circumstances of our lives or our inner state.

This 6 week course is to take you on a journey to a deeper sense of self love.

During this journey you will:-

  • Connect with a deeper knowing of your inner worth
  • Shine light on places that hold you back from embracing yourself
  • Learn life-affirming self-love practices
  • Experience the gift of truly loving yourself
  • Bring more ease and peace into your life
  • Accept yourself more fully no matter where you are in life

Learn to Love Yourself Completely, it is the only way.  

Course date: Wednesdays from 4th of October 2017

Venue: Lisa Hill's Studio, Finchampstead Road, Wokingham.

Time – 1-3pm

A full refund is available if you choose to cancel your attendance 48 or more hours before the first session, otherwise spaces can be transferred to another person at no cost.


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