Well Woman Yoga - Journey Through the Elements

New! Well Woman Yoga circle opens on the 20th of February! FULL. 

New date coming soon! 

Welcome Yogini (female practitioner of yoga) to the circle of nourishment for women’s health!

This is an invitation for 12 women to join me on a six-week online journey to learn and experience the deeply nourishing practice of Well Woman Yoga (Yoni Shakti).

So many forms of yoga were designed by men and whilst there is great richness in many of these practices, they do not support women’s health in its entirety. Through a therapeutic approach to yoga, this Well Woman Yoga practice will support you through whatever stage you are in life. From premenstrual tension, menstruation, female sexuality, peri-menopause, to post-menopause you can trust that I will hold you in this circle.

I will share techniques with you to feel, express, nurture, and build your feminine energy (Shakti). Through strengthening and stretching, we will dive deep into this feminine form of yoga as an offering for self-healing and wellness.

This practice offers a style of understanding of feminine emotional life, lunar cycles and the play of the elements in the female body. As we connect with each element we will explore a home gratitude practice that will flow throughout the week. This will further awaken us to the true nature of all of life.

Each class includes a deeply restorative and nourishing Yoga Nidra practice.

We will meet for six consecutive weeks:

Week one Earth – Stability – Grounding – Commitment – Confidence – Presence.

Week twoWater – Flow – Change – Acceptance – Adaption – Creativity – Sensuality.

Week threeAir – Purity – Cleanse – Lightness – Expression – Freedom – Life.

Week fourFire – Warmth – Understanding – Depth – Power – Passion – Motivation.

Week fiveEther – Consciousness – Clarity – Beyond – Vastness.

Week six – Bringing it all together and circle closure

Opening Date:- TBC

Closing Date:- TBC

Time:- TBC

This course is open to all people that identify as women – all ethnicities, ages, abilities, cultures and religions.

No experience necessary. You are welcome to come even if you decide to lie on your mat and snooze/ cry for the whole 90 minutes. This is your time. Your space to be welcomed – just as you are.

You are invited to make an offering to me in return for my gift of time creating and holding this space. It is my heartfelt intention that all of my work is inclusive to ALL and that no one misses out. There is an option to support another person to attend at the pay it forward price. There is also an option to enter ‘0’ into the price box should this be necessary for you at this time.

I trust that this offering is received with the utmost love and respect.

Pay it forward – £99
Full price – £79
Supported/low-income price – £49
Gift £0



Gift Scale

Pay it forward – £99, Full price £79, Supported/ low income £49, Gift £0