'Together' - Mixed-Heritage Retreat

A day of connection, deep rest and celebration

22nd April 2023 at the The Lodge Space, London.


When I met Jax Bull from the Serenity Practice a few years ago her presence and compassion stopped me in my tracks. As a creator of everyday magical ceremonies (through her interfaith ministry, dance and breathwork) she guides people back to themselves and does so beautifully. We instantly connected and a really wonderful friendship began to open inviting us to see each other and ourselves in new ways. We shared stories of what it is like to live in a brown body, with one black and one white parent in this colonial, patriarchal system, one that both oppresses and is oppressive. We cried, laughed and expressed everything in between. We came to realise that being in a brown body is a dance between black and white which is both simple and complex, beautiful and at times challenging and that there were not many places we could share this life experience that would be heard and understood by others.     

Our friendship and experience of what its like to be of dual heritage had enabled us both to come home to ourselves and we wanted to share this magic of this with others. 

We held our first retreat in November and the feedback from that confirms not only that this magic is real but how important these spaces are:

It had never occurred to me that I had never been in a room with people that looked similar to me until I walked into this retreat. The connection was instant, it felt like I was home. I loved every minute of it from sitting in circle, the breathwork and rest to belly laughing and dancing. Wow, thank you, so much joy!”

Nov 22 Participant

We invite you to join us on this retreat day we have called ‘Together’, a day retreat of rest, connection, celebration and love. Open to all women and gender queer/ GNC folk. 


We rest our weary heads closer to the earth,


We breathe softening our bellies, 


We break bread over shared laughter,


We reclaim all that we are,  


We ignite our dreams, 


We are love.

We will gather together and set our group intention for our time together. We will take a collective breath and acknowledge that it has been a lot for people of colour in recent years.

We will share embodied movement, gentle guided breathwork and deep rest practice of Yoga Nidra.

We will sit in circle to share stories and listen with both our ears and our hearts.  

We will eat good wholesome food that feeds the soul. 

Everything is an invitation. You have absolute autonomy over what you participate in. You might choose to come and simply lie down and rest. You can do as little or as much as you wish to. All of you is welcome, every part, every emotion. This is a place for all of it, all of you, just as you are.   

We can’t wait to welcome you.


The Venue

https://www.thelodge.spaceThe Lodge offers a gentle holding space for us to share our day together. It is accessible by bus, tube and train. 

Address – The Lodge Space, 120a Lower Road, London SE16 2UB


Your Investment


£137 per person which includes a light vegetarian, gluten-free lunch and refreshments


We strongly believe that our work is essential to many people of dual/ mixed heritage and should therefore be financially accessible. We have a small bursary fund to help those whose financial circumstances may prevent them from coming to our retreats. If you feel you need support with the cost, please let us know a little bit about your circumstances. We award bursaries on a case by case basis and this is a completely confidential process based on trust. Please email [email protected]

Terms and conditions

7 days or more prior to the retreat date: Your payments will be refunded, less £20 which is your non-refundable deposit.
Less than 7 days prior to the retreat date: payments are not refundable.

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