The Breathing Class – One Day Workshop


The Breathing Class – One Day Workshop.  

Date – early 2019

Investment –  £89

Tanya Forgan and Clare Bayliss unite to offer this one day workshop – like no other!

Suitable for all, regardless of age, gender and fitness level.


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This full day workshop is for anyone who wants to breathe better, perhaps because of a breathing disorder, to address not getting enough air or feeling stuck in the process of breathing….or simply just out of curiosity.  95% of us are not breathing correctly and how we breath affects everything.

During the day you will learn how to carry out a personalised BIQ (Breathing IQ), learn the science and physiology of breathing and be led through a variety of breathing exercises designed to bring you back to lower body breathing.

You will also learn different breathing techniques for various needs/ disorders such as – sleep, panic or anxiety, stress, wellbeing.  We will finish the day with deep relaxation through the breath, music and rest.

Discover wellbeing from the inside out and wind up feeling blissfully rested, inspired and energised, all in ONE DAY!

Benefits of learning to breathe correctly :- 

This workshop is a work out for your lungs and breathing muscles and, if practiced regularly, can positively affect your lung capacity and velocity. Increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain and body have a significant impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing:

  • Energy levels increase as the body becomes more oxygenated
  • Improved sleep
  • Helps eliminate brain fog
  • Helps reduce or eliminate neck, shoulder and back pain.
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased pelvic floor strength
  • Increased support of lymphatic system as the breath supports detoxification
  • Lung capacity increases
  • Overall increase in wellbeing

What to expect

During the morning we will give a discussion on the anatomy, psychology and spirituality of the breath.  This will be followed by some dynamic breath work exercises and exploration.

During the afternoon we will focus on breath work for specific needs and disorders and how to help correct them through the breath.

We will learn how to breath to take the body into deep rest and relaxation.

We feel that eduction and exploration is the first and most important aspect of learning how to breathe correctly.

There will be time throughout the day to ask any questions.

What to bring 

A blanket to lie on, cushion to sit on (chairs can also be provided).  Please wear comfortable clothes.  Do not eat a big meal before arriving.  Please do not wear scented products.

Please bring a dish that can be added to a ‘sharing table’ for lunch (please avoid nuts).

About Clare.  

Clare is self confessed breathing nerd and passionate about teaching others how to use their breathing to achieve better mental, emotional and physical wellness.

She discovered breathing techniques personally for birth over eleven years ago, and after that was hooked! Over the last eleven years she has taught pregnant couples, young children, stressed out executives and elderly residents of care homes.

She has worked with Dr Belisa Vranich, creator of The Breathing Class and becoming one of her first Certified ‘Breathe’ Practitioners in the UK tied everything together. Clare has taken Transformational breath work training to level 3.

It is her mission to teach as many people as possible to relearn how to breathe, to empower as many people as possible to utilise their breathing to help them thrive both physically and emotionally.

About Tanya 

Tanya area of fascination is with the breath and how we use it within our physical body…and also how it opens us up to a deeper sense of inner wisdom, connection and love.

We breath as we live!  If we live with tension in our breath, there is no doubt there will be tension in life.  If we learn to relax the breath life flows and we can flow with it.

Tanya has been fascinated by the breath for many years.  She has wisdom in the pranayama (breath for yoga, and breath awareness.  Tanya has also taken Transformational breath work training to level 3 (where her an Clare connected)

Tanya strongly believes ‘we breathe as a we live’.  When we are conscious of our breathing we can choose how we live.


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