Sisters of Colour Online Circle 

Welcome Sister.

It has become very clear to me through the years of running circles for women to be in connection through inquiry, yoga, and meditation that there are very few safe spaces for women of colour to come and rest in practice. I have personally sat in many many circles as the only woman of colour and this had its impact over time. The current tapestry of our patriarchal society is such that many unconscious biases are woven deep and often go unnoticed, causing harm to women (and men) of colour.

Experiencing this has been my catalyst to creating this safe space.

The Sisters of Colour circle is a gentle space where all of you is welcome. You are welcome without judgment. You are welcomed with love. This is a place where you can be in full expression of all that you are. We meet online and co-create a circle where we will each have an opportunity to share (by invitation – all optional).

This is a circle where you will be held through gentle embodied yoga, breathwork and a place to check-in and share (should you wish to). This circle is non-advisory.

No experience necessary. If you can breathe you can do this.

This circle is not intended to create separation from our white sisters. It is to promote a safe space for sisters of colour to be heard and held.

Date – Monday 7th December 7-8:30pm

It is my vision that all of my work is 100% inclusive and held in trust. With this in mind this session is offered on the basis of an energy exchange, meaning you pay what you feel in line with how you value your experience of our time together.

I am also open to other forms of energy exchange such as promotion, swapping sessions, holding space etc.

Blessings x