Return To Love

Return to love  – 12th November 7:00pm -8:15pm 

We are living in uncertain times and maybe feeling concerned for that which lies ahead.

I invite you to join me to take some time out and meet me in a gentle, supportive and restorative space. This collective space will be known as our ‘Return to Love’.

This is an opportunity to release the burden of anything that is not serving you so well and come back to presence.

Together we will bring some gentle movement to our bodies. I will guide us through restorative breathwork and guided visualisation.  We will travel slowly down the gears from ‘doing’ to ‘being’.

At the end we will share some quiet time before sending our love out into the world for it so needs it right now.

May we collectively open up to the preciousness of this time and surrender to it all. May we return to our true nature. Love.

Open to all.

I fully appreciate that many of us are in challenging financial situations right now. If you would like and are able to offer something as energy exchange, I would be grateful if you can support my work.