Restorative Circle For Dual/ Mixed Heritage Women

There is something viscerally soothing about being in a held space with other dual/ mixed heritage women, a space where you are the majority, not the minority. It can feel nourishing, healing and necessary.

This is a gathering where you can experience just that. We will come together to explore gentle embodied movement, deep listening, guided rest practices (Yoga Nidra) and integration/ grounding to bring our roots deep into the earth. The intention of the space is to cultivate love and support for each other.

Come and connect with other sisters who may intuitively understand more of your life’s experiences, what has shaped you, both ancestrally and now.  Enjoy the richness of being in a space that nourish, uplifts and invites you to fully claim all that you are. 

All of you is welcome.

Date: Thursday 9th June 

Time: 7 – 9pm

Your investment: £22

I am the hopes and dreams of my ancestors” Martin Luther King