Perimenopause – The Journey Deepens


So many women arrive in the ‘perimenopause’ stage of life blind to its gifts. This transitionary phase towards menopause can often bring a sense of fear, anxiety and dread. There is little wisdom in our society for women at this stage and Nina and I are here to be part of the catalysts to change that story.

We?invite you to join us to go a little deeper and explore each stage of the menopause as a gateway to your initiation. The menopause when approached with awareness, knowledge and understanding can be the key to unlock the greatest Rite of Passage in a woman’s life.

Come and sit with us dear sister.

Week 1 – Betrayal – Finding comfort in the discomfort.

Week 2 – Repair – Healing as a radical act of self love.

Week 3 – Revelation – Allowing the new possibilities.

Week 4 – Visioning – Recognising your unique gifts.

Week 5 – Emergence – In service to the Earth.

Joining this course will allow you to:

  • Come into a space of healing
  • Connect with other women on this journey
  • Delve deeper into the phases of menopause
  • To understand how to navigate this time of life
  • Begin the journey with greater confidence
  • Use nutrition to support yourself and reduce symptoms
  • Experience restful practices like yoga nidra
  • Move in a way that really nourishes your body through restorative yoga
  • Transform from suffering to awakening this next cycle of your life

Course starts: Wed 3rd Feb – 7pm – 8.30pm

Your investment: ?89

Our deepest gratitude to Alexandra and Sjane from the ‘Red School’ for their education and wisdom.

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