Perimenopause Workshop - you are not losing the plot!

Your menstrual cycle is all over the place and you feel like you’ve lost the grounding beneath your feet. You might feel like you are going mad at times and you no longer have the momentum or energy to ‘keep pushing on through’ as you used to.

Welcome to the Perimenopause stage of your life dear sister.

This stage in a woman’s life can become overwhelming and even frightening. Perimenopause can impact us in many different ways. Exhaustion, irregular bleeds, hot flushes, brain fog, rage, grief and urinary urgency. The list could go on and on. 

Welcome. You are in an inner initiation. A Rite of Passage. 

If you can allow yourself the time and space to gain understanding of this time it can be transformational. It’s a time to go within to gain wisdom and knowledge. Sadly our society does not teach us how to navigate this time of life, but fortunately many wise women are sharing this information.
The perimenopause can transform from a time of suffering to that of healing, initiation, and an awakening to a new cycle of being.
This introduction workshop is offered in collaboration with my wise and very dear friend Nina Galley from Nourishing Space. She is a Woman’s Nutritionist Therapist and Wellbeing Coach. Together we will be sharing how the perimenopause can be your greatest teacher through nutrition, restorative yoga, enquiry, rest and education.
Both Nina and I are also at this stage of life so we can share from personal experience. We would love you to come and join us for this relaxed and informative workshop.
Here’s what one of the women had to say at our last workshop…
“It was a warm, welcoming safe space to explore. I loved the workshop, it was just what I need at this stage in my life. May this be accessible for many more women”

Date – Sunday 24th January 
Time – 10am – 1pm 

This workshop is offered within the gift economy. If you would like to understand more about this please go here.

Suggested donation £25-45
You will receive the zoom link once booked