One-To-One Mentoring

An immersive journey to call forth your gifts

TYPE HERE Are you inspired to make a difference? Do you feel ready to say YES to your calling? The calling that comes from deep within? Perhaps you can hear her in the moments you become quiet. She might come as a gentle whisper, an inner nudge or as intense as a fire burning deep within your belly. She offers a sense of knowing that it is time to bring yourself into full alignment with who you are and what is truly important to you. To call forth your gifts and put them into sustainable action. She is you and you know it is time. Time for yourself, for the wellbeing of others and for the sake all life of Mother Earth. 

It is time to come out of hiding, to step into your power so that you touch the lives of others and bring forth your unique healing medicine to the world, even if you don’t know what it is yet. It is within you and always has been. 


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Welcome to Evolve

Transformation requires steadiness. Steadiness requires commitment. For this reason rest is placed in the centre of our circle. Without rest we cannot sustain ourselves authentically. 

Through ancient and sacred rituals we get to hear our greatest teacher – the one within. From this place we explore our truth and build resilience. We build our own divine feminine inner power (shakti) and set our intentions for our lives. From this place we naturally weave our gifts into the world.  

Women standing for what really matters

Evolve is for you if you...

  • are a sensitive woman feeling an undercurrent of inspiration to create the change the world so desperately needs
  • want integrity, diversity and inclusion to be at the heart of all you do
  • are on the treadmill of the old paradigm, feeling life is passing you by without bringing your true gifts to the world
  • are tired of seeing this earth suffer and wonder how to contribute your gifts in a loving and sustainable way
  • wish to be in a space of community and belonging that feels authentic 
  • know there is more to life than care-taking and to-do lists
  • are ready to co-create a new way of being in the world, knowing you can’t do it alone
  • are ready to invest in rest as a radical act of care for yourself and those around you
  • are open to learning and unlearning anything else holding you back from your potential
  • are ready to step into your true power to make a difference
  • feel a calling within, but your outer life doesn’t yet fully align with that
  • are committed to creating space in your life to come into alignment with yourself and the cycles of nature
  • are ready to live a life of purpose, passion and abundance 

When women come together in circles magic happens

I will support you to...

  • discover your calling and the unique gifts that you can bring to the world
  • come into your power in a way that sustains and supports you
  • take deep rest to nourish and resource yourself along this journey
  • live from a place of freedom and empowerment
  • have space to listen to the whispers of your heart and soul
  • find rituals you actually want to incorporate into your life, not another thing on a ‘to-do’ list
  • feel valued and safe to share your voice, do the sometimes messy inner work and step into your greatness
  • tap into your inner sacred activist who knows what she wants for the world
  • love and honour the natural rhythms of life – from your own inner cycles to seasonal transitions
  • finally have the courage to do the work your heart has been calling out for you to do and bring it to your community
  • have tools and skills to give you resilience in order to adapt to the vast changes in the world
  • feel loved, seen and supported in the community we co-create
  • transcend any resistance that stops you from saying ‘YES’ to your calling
  • welcome in a rich and abundant life
  • explore your dreams 
  • do ALL of the above AND have fun!

About me

Evolve brings together my wisdom and experience as a Yogini, Teacher, Circle Holder and Women’s Mentor. I have inspired hundreds of women to embody their truth and reclaim the source of their power. 

It is my vision for every woman to hear and awaken to her deepest calling and follow it to action in a way that is sustainable and loving for her life and the lives of all beings. 

Your authenticity is healing to the world

What's included?

Daily & Weekly

Core support to guide and nourish
  • 'Breathing Space' ~ Weekly Meditation ~ to keep you connected to what really matters
  • Access to private Facebook group throughout the journey.
    A place to connect, share and welcome accountability
  • Ongoing loving support


Group circles to explore, overcome and energise
$ 39
  • 1 x Full Moon Intentional Circle ~ 'Release' ~ Clearing the way for greatness to shine through
  • 1 x New Moon Intentional Circle ~ 'Reclaim' ~ Remembering your gifts and hearing your truth
  • 1 x ‘Yoni Shakti’ ~ Embodied movement ~ Explore your divine intelligence within and navigate life with fierce grace
  • 2 x 'Sacred Dreaming' ~ Yoga Nidra Practice* ~ Nourish every cell of your being, awaken to your dreams and find your inner treasures


Embody the seasons and nature
$ 39
  • Autumn ~ Heart Led Leadership ~ Exploring a new way of being
  • Winter ~ Shadows To Love ~ Weaving new stories ~ to include diversity and inclusion
  • Spring ~ Nurturing Your Wild Woman ~ Planting and tending to the seeds
  • Summer ~ Sacred Activism ~ Creating your ‘out breath’ for the world as part of collective awakening and healing


$ 39
  • 2 x One-to-One sessions with me ~ to focus on you, harness your gifts and explore how to bring them into the world from a place that is aligned, sustainable and supportive to all
  • 2 x ‘Soul Immersion’ retreat days ~ A deeper dive to hear the whispers of your soul.

    Extra special guests will join us throughout the immersion to ignite joy, curiosity and wonder.

    And as we are human ~ we will follow the flow of the group and honour what is needed, so expect more magic to be woven in throughout our time together.

Investment & Enrolment

Alchemise begins on the 21st of September (a potent date around the full moon and Autumn Equinox). 

Your Investment for this transformative 10 month immersion is £2770.


Doors are now closed.


All sessions will be held online. All the sessions are recorded so tune into them whenever you want. You will have access to them throughout Alchemise.


Let’s talk…


I’ve had the great pleasure of being the recipient of Tanya’s work. Radical self care is an essential part of our culture's becoming if we’re to fully embrace the healing & creative power it can cultivate within us.
Tanya leads the way at a time this work is most needed, and she does so with unshakable love, integrity and courage. I am honoured to be part of this community & couldn’t advocate her work more highly.

Intergrative Lawyer
Tanya’s work is the kind of work that every person walking this planet really needs. An honest, compassionate space where you are truly listened to, with the perfect balance of deep listening, empathy, understanding, humour and true kindness. Tanya keeps it real- first and foremost and this is, I believe, what makes her so special. You feel like you’re in the presence of a real human, which in turn is deeply healing since that is, primarily, what connects us all and brings us all to a higher truth and inner peace.

Sound Musician
I was blessed to meet and work with Tanya. Her relaxed yet engaged approach was something I immediately connected to. Her energy and warmth she created, gave me the feeling of support I needed to find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. Tanya’s ability to create safe and connected spaces, physically and virtually, provided me with that opportunity to check-in, reset and restore. Through her encouragement and guidance I now have the capability to tune into my inner wisdom to guide me on my life’s journey. Thank you for everything you do Tanya, to hold this space.
Mindfulness Teacher

10 month immersive journey to call forth your gifts