Mindful Walking

The Mindful Walk is is an opportunity to slow down and reconnect to our surroundings and to ourselves. To find stillness and awareness in the present moment through nature.



In today's modern world it can be the norm to be busy and stressed.  Whether you are caring for others, part of the corporate world or struggle to have time to fit everything in, it is important to give yourself a break. This mindful walk is an opportunity to reconnect to our surroundings and to ourselves. It is an offering to some gentle time, time without distractions and to connect to mother nature.
We will gather and I will guide some gentle stretching to awaken your body followed by a guided meditation to prepare us to go into quiet time for our slow and gentle walk.
Mother nature is a force for good. Mother nature is a healer.
At the end, there will be a short time for reflection before we close.
This is suitable for absolutely anyone. Children who are comfortable with quiet time most welcome. This is a time to reconnect with yourself and nature.
£8 per person
March 29th - 9:00am - 10:30am