How to Build a Home Yoga Practice - Workshop

Sunday 27th January 9:15am - 11:45am

Join me in this workshop to explore and develop a home practice that is right for you.

You will discover…

  • what self practice means
  • the different approaches to yoga outside the classroom
  • obstacles to yoga practice at home
  • how to dedicate the “right” amount of time
  • how to build your own sequence
  • how to set up for home practice

After this creative workshop you will feel inspired to start or improve your home practice in a safe and enjoyable way.

Practicing yoga at home can help you deepen your understanding of what yoga means for you as well as connecting with your inner teacher. Our yoga practice evolves as time passes; energy levels, injuries, health, weather and our emotional state all play a part in how we approach and incorporate yoga into our daily lives.

A home practice is where the magic really happens!

Please bring a notepad and pen to the session, something you can use as a practice diary afterwards. Plus yoga mat and blanket.

From: £25.00


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