Full Moon Circle

Private Full Moon Sister Circle

Hello sister!

We have been exploring in our circles how the full moon (she) is a time to celebrate the peak of our creative energy and access our intuition. She?offers us a cyclical way of being and a pause point that breathes in harmony with the natural world around us. She teaches us the importance of connect with ourselves and others in a quieter space in reflection and celebration.?

We will gather in?circle each month on or around the full moon date. I will guide us through meditation and then we will journal our insights and understandings. We will dream, compost and plant new seeds, individually and together.?

You are invited to bring a few words to the circle to pop into the centre ‘altar’ as a blessing. This may be words of gratitude, a poem, something beautiful you have read or?perhaps a meaningful object.

Carve out this time in your diary, set your boundaries so you will not be disturbed (unless of course there is an emergency!) and get comfy. Bring with you a journal, pen. Make a cuppa, grab a piece of chocolate and light a candle.

This is your time to come into connection and rest….and I really look forward to sharing this space with you.?

Date: 23rd February

Time 7:15pm – 9pm?

Zoom link will be sent once booked.

With love,