‘Who would you be without your story?’ – Collaboration with Duncan Lewin


A mini workshop in collaboration with Duncan Lewin.  We will be teaching a powerful process for that you can use in any challenging situation in your life.  By questioning the thoughts you have about yourself and others, peace and clarity can be found in even the most challenging situations.  The process we will be using is ‘The Work’, a simple tool developed by world acclaimed inquirer and author of many books, Byron Katie.  The workshop will include a mixture of dialogue, meditation and reflection, with mindfulness and inquiry being at the the core.

Date: 2nd September 2017

Time: 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Venue: Quaker Meeting House, 28 Denton Rd, Wokingham RG40 2DX

Price: £35

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I will be running this mini workshop in collaboration with Duncan Lewin.  Duncan is an incredible coach from Marlow trained in the ‘The Work’ process by Byron Katie.  I have been so impressed by his work that I asked him to team up with me for a day.

The Work of Byron Katie has been called the most powerful self-realisation technique ever developed. The Work is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry that teaches you to identify and question thoughts that cause all the suffering in the world. It is a way to understand what is hurting you, and to address your problems with clarity. People who do The Work as an ongoing practice report life-changing results.  In this workshop Duncan and I will will introduce you to The Work and show you how self-inquiry can bring you a joy-filled life.The work is one of the most useful tools I have learnt in all the years I have been teaching mindfulness.  I have seen it transform many challenging life situations.  I also find myself using it as a parent too.  

People who do The Work as an ongoing practice commonly report:
  • Alleviation of depression: Find resolution, even happiness, in situations that were once debilitating.
  • Decreased stress: Live with less anxiety or fear.
  • Improved relationships: Experience deeper connection and intimacy with your partner, your parents, your children, your friends, and yourself.
  • Reduced anger: Understand what makes you angry and resentful and become reactive less often, with less intensity.
  • Increased mental clarity: Live and work more intelligently and effectively, with integrity.
  • More energy: Experience a new sense of ongoing vigor and well-being.
  • More peace: Discover how to become “a lover of what is.
Reality is always kinder than the stories that we tell about it” Byron Katie


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