Women's Community Rest

It is with a warm and open heart I would like to invite you to come and join me in community rest.
We will meet and take a full deep breath together – shifting any states of anxiety, overwhelm or busyness to presence, understanding and compassion. This is a place to compost the old – anything that is not serving you, to let it fall away breath by breath. This is the medicine for times of uncertainty.
Each Community Rest session will include:-
Breathwork – to regulate nervous system, boost immunity, focus mind, increase life force energy.
Guided meditation – we take our attention to a single object – breath, music, candle, sounds, poetry or guided chant to focus the mind.
Yoga Nidra – each week we will explore a different Yoga Nidra to invoke a state of deep rest and healing.
Grounding practice – sending our roots into the earth.
Earth Prayer – we will complete each session by sending out a prayer to the earth for healing.
When? Monday evenings 7pm – 8:30pm

We might not be able to connect in person, but we are blessed with technology that allows us to keep meeting.

You will receive the zoom link after booking your space.

You are invited to make an offering to me in return for my gift of time creating and holding this space. There is an option to support another person to attend in the pay it forward price. It is my heartfelt intention that all of my work is inclusive to ALL and that no one misses out for financial reasons. There is an option to enter ‘0’ into the price box should this be necessary for you at this time. I have faith and trust that this offering is received with respect.

Pay it forward – £15
Full price – £10
Supported/ low income price – £5
Gift £0


Gift Scale

Pay it forward – £15, Full price – £10, Supported price – £5, Free £0