21 Day Meditation Journey | Tanya Forgan - Mindfulness, Yoga and Wellbeing

21-Day Guided Meditation Journey

Commencing 20th June, 7am each day

I invite you to join me in collective practice of meditation and mindfulness commencing on the 20th of June. This is the date of Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. It represents the longest day of the year and the welcoming of the summer and is associated with ancient Celtic, druid and pagan festivals.

We will meet each morning to practice mindfulness and meditation as we welcome the season of light and the light within us.

A recording will be available for those that cannot attend the live sessions.

Journey begins 20th June @ 7am. More details below.

Each booking will fund the planting of 5 trees within Treesisters





I think I am safe to say that we are in the eye of the storm right now! Life has been so turbulent over the past few months and has us facing more stress and uncertainty than usual. It also has many of us asking: How do we keep sane and grounded during these vulnerable and rocky times?

Morning Practice. How we start our day has a huge impact as to how our day unfolds. If we open our eyes, connect with our phone or dive into the busy-ness of life it's likely we will feel scattered and chaotic on the inside. However, if we start the day with intentional practice we invite in calm at the point it's most needed. We focus our mind, body and this in turn soothes our soul.

From the 20th of June I will hold a daily online video call for you to dial into where I will lead a guided practice. You can dial in your pjs, with the video on or off or listen to the call later when you receive the email from me with the content.

The 20th of June is the first day of Summer Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere this marks the longest day of the year, the day with most light in it. As the sun stretches her rays across the earth that day and shares her radiance with us, we should be awake to celebrate her warmth. We gather collectively to welcome not only the summer, but our own inner light and warmth.

Together we raise our vibration of life.

Journey information:

Start date - Summer Solstice 20th June 2020

Time - 7am for 30 minutes

End date - 10th July 2020

Cost - £21. Each booking will fund the planting of 5 trees within Treesisters

Once you have booked your space you will receive a link to the daily zoom call.

Recordings of all guided practices will be sent via email so you will never miss out if you can't make a live session.

All participants will be muted upon arrival.