Mindfulness and Somatics ~ through the lens of racism  

I create customised offerings for facilitators, space holders, yoga teachers and other community groups to begin the important work in dismantling racism. 

I work with Mindfulness and Somatic practices as we explore and illuminate the racial conditioning we hold within both our bodies and minds. Together we unpack old beliefs, racially harmful tendencies and collectively create new ways of being in the world, offering a deeper sense of equity and belonging for all. 

This is work from the ground up and is held with care and compassion. It is deep work, not a short and simple 'tick box' exercise. Consider it a practice of awakening.

I strongly believe that this work should be taken in a slow and steady manner so that we can hear each other and stay in connection. This will also resource us. 

In a culture that separates....may we find the courage to come together.

This is love in action. 

I do not have an 'out of the box' offering, each is bespoke for you and your needs. 

Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.