"We've all been given a gift,  the gift of life.
What we do with our lives is our gift back"
- Edo 

As the interdependent nature of humanity and all life becomes increasingly obvious, as this pandemic has increased my awareness of inequality and scarcity for some, personally I feel called to make my work and my life more inclusive. To these ends, I have consciously chosen to gift my work in service of my community.  Whilst the value of my work remains the same, I am giving my work and my life in service, making my work more accessible, opening myself up to be held by the community whom I am here to serve in this life.  

Retreats formerly arranged will be honoured at the prices set, this doesn't seem fair to change for those who've already booked, but all work from now on will be within the spirit of gift.   What will change? Perhaps nothing.  You will no longer still see the monetary value of the work I deliver, but you will instead be invited to give in return what you feel is fair and affordable for you. I appreciate and respect that this may be uncomfortable for some, a common narrative in our conditioning of closed transactions and competitive economics is that our value is pegged to our income.  But it is time to rewrite this story, aligning it more with the natural world and growing scientific evidence, aligning it with stories that used to be true, and remain true in many indigenous cultures.  

We live in a hyper-connected and abundant world, our actions and non-actions affect all we come into contact with, and for too many decades, we have forgotten this and exploited and extracted far too much, from each other, from Mother Earth, from our own potential as divine beings.  As we have increasingly lived in our heads, we have birthed and been blessed with amazing technologies, but by neglecting our hearts, we are destroying so much that is sacred to us all.  I welcome any conversations around this decision and if this brings warmth or fear to your being, I'd love to hear from you.  I know I am on a journey to walk ever deeper into Love and service, through fear and lack, returning home to Love, to being, to abundance and deep, sacred connection.  I yearn for you to walk with me on this journey as we return home to Love.

Sacred Economics is the name of a book, recommended to me by a dear soul who runs a thriving gift economy business, written by the author, speaker and former Yale Economist, Charles Eisenstein.

My vision is to share my knowledge and wisdom with you. Whilst working together we release the limiting hierarchical, patriarchal and oligarchic positions. 

This is my personal act towards social justice. 


Tanya x