Are you a Circle Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Therapist, Studio Owner, Coach, Wellness Practitioner or Healer? Then this is for you!

2 x half day workshops to learn and unlearn. Together.

Learn how to create more diverse and inclusive, safer and braver spaces that welcome ALL people, particularly for those marginalised by racism in our current systems.

Coming together as commUNITY we will:

  • Reflect on the construct of race within our society
  • Explore and practice ways to be challenge our implicit bias towards people of colour
  • Notice assumptions we might make when creating spaces ~ look at it's impact - individually and collective 
  • Learn the difference between intent and harm
  • Explore what healing and allyship looks and feels like
  • Increase skills to sincerely create and hold both brave and safer spaces that warmly welcome ALL people

What to expect:

  • Circle gathering ~ shared conversation
  • Pair/ triad workgroups
  • Grounding and deep rest practices for integration
  • Guided meditation 
  • Reflective journaling 
  • Resources for Ongoing Learning

We will also explore intersectionality, social location, privilege and power. This is a must for anyone 'holding space'. 

Next Dates: TBC

Online and in person